Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creative Book Club: Steal Like an Artist

My local library is a regular haunt.
Every week I go and pick up 20 new books
 for my children
a couple just for me.

Lately I have come across so many intriguing books,
sparking the idea that it would be a waste not to share them,
especially with the creative souls out there.

So this is the first of my Creative Book Club reads:
 (that name is so daggy but, hey, its about the books not the name) 

Steal Like an Artist
(10 Things Nobody Told you About Being Creative)

Last year I realised that whilst raising children and beginning a new job
 I had neglected a big part of me :
 my need to imaginative, innovative and experimental.
I realised with sudden clarity that I just needed to 'do'.

This book gives you strategies to 'do' asserting
Don't wait until you know who you are to get started.
This is great advice, cause lets face it if we all waited the world would be a colourless place.

Being an Art teacher the fruitless quest for originality 
and post modern concepts about appropriation are nothing new.  Kleon, however, does educate how to 'steal' in the honorable way. I hope people catch on.

I won't go into the rest because this book
 is short and super easy to read.

Read it if:
  • Your in a creative rut
  • You're a creative wannabe
  • Your a student (of life, college or uni)
  • You have a spare hour

Do you have a book I should read?


  1. Looks like an interesting read. I've always had problems with that Picasso quote because it implies an intent to steal, which I'm hoping he didn't mean! ;) Thanks for the reco :) Kx

    1. I know what you mean about the quote Kylie-I guess that is why I picked it up. Kleon isn't on about theft per say, but rather how to get to develop a starting to collect and organise you ideas... and so on.

  2. Thanks Lynda, it's on my reading list.
    I recommend "How Now Brown Frau" by Merridy Eastman. A biography, not about crafting, that is a fun read and had me laughing out loud.

    1. Thanks Kate- I'll look for it next Monday at the library. Always looking for a laugh! Missed you at the talk the other day, hope all it well!

  3. sometimes just getting started is the hardest part....of anything...

  4. Oh I'm definitely going to try and get a hold of that book at the library here in Toowoomba....thanks so know I'll often wander aimlessly around that library...thousands of books and none that look appealing! How ridiculous eh!


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