Friday, July 6, 2012

3 Little Kittens Bunting in a Book

The Three Little Kittens
 story has always been a favourite with me.
So when I happened upon this 1974 Golden Book publication it was destined to become "Bunting in a Book".

I did leave out the pages of the mother cat
 spanking the kittens over her knee, however tempted I was.

I can't wait to find out where this bunting is destined for-
hopefully a sweet little nursery or child's room.
I'd like to think that the new owner will end up loving this story and much as me.


I'll bring this bunting and other "Bunting in a Book"
on the 14th July in the heart of Hamilton, Brisbane.


  1. Oh i wish i could visit this market. The last Indie market i visited i copped a $60 parking fine..ouch...but no where did it say we could not park there. I have disputed it.
    I have just finished ready the "Little Black Puppy' to my little ones....such treasures are these little golden your bunting in a book!!

    1. Hi Debra. Good luck with the parking ticket issue- I hope I don't find the same park! This is my 1st market so I am really looking forward to it as the BrisStyle community are so positive and supportive. I love the golden books too, the illustrations take me back :)

  2. Love this!! It is so gorgeous, well done. I hope the markets go splendidly for you. I hope to make it for a visit, if health permits. :)

  3. So gorgeous! Beautifully made :) Kx

  4. Hi Lou, another gorgeous bunting in the book from you! It reminds me of a Golden Book I found the other day in an op shop "The Colour Kittens". As soon as I opened it I was flooded with memories of the pictures of the kittens mixing different colours, especially the last page. I didn't remember the story, just the pictures - which is kind of interesting how mixing colours is so important to me now when I paint!
    Have a great market, I hope to make it to Brisbane this year with the hubby on one of his work trips (fingers crossed!) S:)


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