Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vintage Tea-towel Table Cloth

A recent thrift score find
resulted in the acquisition
of 15 (ok, actually it was 17)
vintage tea towels.

The tea towels were a large chunk
 of someone's well looked after collection
 As they travelled around Australia and abroad, 
she (must be a lovely woman don't you think)
purchased a linen tea-towel.

I have great plans for my tea-towels (insert evil laugh).
Today I embarked on a desperate quest
 to rid my house of  TACKY, CHEAP
 Disney placemats given to my children by relatives.

Bloody princesses and #$*!ing BEN 10
I really hate, hate, hate
marketing to kids!

I made a tablecloth.
Here it is unironed.

Not so amazing its true,
but I'm loving the colour and the kids
can learn some geography while they
scoff their bangers and mash.

All the tea-towels feature Queensland destinations.

My all time favourite though is 
pineapple laden 
"Sunshine Plantation"
Does it get any better than the Big Pineapple I ask you?

I know what you are thinking...
a table cloth doesn't solve the need for a
 wipeable surface.
And so, the final touch....
the plastic cover.
I love how the plastic reminds me of those granny sofas protected by plastic.

Can it get more kitsch?

Well, yes I'm think of adding a red pom-pom trim.
What do you think?

Now onto the cushion.