Sunday, March 10, 2013

Free Motion Embroidery: 1st timer

I've had a hankering to try my hand at something different.

So I purchased a new foot for my machine
and began to have a small play
 with some fabric sample discards.

 Not to sure where this was going,
I glued it onto some more sample fabric
from Reverse Garbage.

Working over the print with some more
stitching added some much needed detailing.

Time for framing in the hoop.

Finishing the edges.

Fabric glued.
(Note to self- but some more bull dog clips)

Amazing stories:
I'm actually happy with it!
(I might even put it on my wall)


Friday, March 1, 2013

Cancer Council Art Eggs

My boys have been doing something for others.
Its what we all need to do-
think of others a little more.

They have been decorating wooden eggs
for The Cancer Council.
These eggs are sold around Easter time as a fundraiser.
Some eggs are also given to the courageous people
 fighting the hardest of battles.

is not just an organisation.
Its backbone are the volunteers in the shops,
the researchers, the educators, the supporting carers.
Its backbone are the people,
 who search out schools and other community groups
 to help where they can.
They quietly plug away, 
doing and amazingly selfless job.

My students researched messages 
of hope that 'spoke to' them,
and used the words to decorate their eggs.

It was touching to see the boys
 approach this task with such pride and care.
 It was wonderful to use Art as a link between
the students and the community.