Thursday, April 19, 2012

Commuting and eco-design: Travel Card Holders

Going Somewhere?
It feels an age since I've hoped on a plane.
At one stage in my life it was a regular thing.

Shirley Flight
(who you might remember from previous posts)
got me researching and introduced me to a whole new era of travel glamour...

...and plain sexism,
 but I DO confess I love the outfit!
For now, however, my hot pants and boots
 are staying in the closet.

Of course I still travel though.
Of course!

To work!

I am a public transport freak!
I actually enjoy catching the bus
 and bypassing all those suckers
 stuck in the daily traffic jam.
I don't listen to music, read a book
 or play with my phone (well maybe sometimes).
I look around- taking in all the sights,
 smells and goings on.

Eventually though, as always,
 my eyes track down to my ugly travel pass.
Being a visual person,
 I need to look at pleasant things not government logos!

So I have been designing and making travel card holders-eco travel card holders.
I have paired micro-fiche sheets with retro papers and created a series of travel passes 

So I may not be stepping onto the tarmac tomorrow
but I do have a little bit of travel glam in my bag!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ethikl and me: Ethical Consumer Marketplace

Ethikl + Elle and Lou 

 A couple of weeks ago
I let out a big sigh....
and then a "wow!"

I had stumbled upon Ethikl.
Stumbled, head first with a big eco-smile on my face.
Finally something for consumer conscious people!

It is fairly new, so to fill you in-
Ethikl is a fair trade,
 environmentally focussed,
 online marketplace.
It is based in Cabarita QLD, but is truly international!

I am really excited about this concept.
It is a relief to find like minded artisans and and naturally I wanted to be part of it.

Look at these fabulous vintage style bikinis from 

 Lally's upcycled typewriter bracelet
really push my vintage lovin' buttons (ka-ching)

Earthfully is a truly original store.
I mean you can't get an Aboriginal Family at Kmart or Target
(although you should be able to)

and I love their baby charms- cutie pa-tootie!

So, inspired by stores such as these
 I opened an Elle and Lou store
and last weekend I had my first sale.

That IS exciting no?

Something as good as this is hard to keep to yourself,
so check it out and spread the word.
It can only be good for the planet and that means us!

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