Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ethikl and me: Ethical Consumer Marketplace

Ethikl + Elle and Lou 

 A couple of weeks ago
I let out a big sigh....
and then a "wow!"

I had stumbled upon Ethikl.
Stumbled, head first with a big eco-smile on my face.
Finally something for consumer conscious people!

It is fairly new, so to fill you in-
Ethikl is a fair trade,
 environmentally focussed,
 online marketplace.
It is based in Cabarita QLD, but is truly international!

I am really excited about this concept.
It is a relief to find like minded artisans and and naturally I wanted to be part of it.

Look at these fabulous vintage style bikinis from 

 Lally's upcycled typewriter bracelet
really push my vintage lovin' buttons (ka-ching)

Earthfully is a truly original store.
I mean you can't get an Aboriginal Family at Kmart or Target
(although you should be able to)

and I love their baby charms- cutie pa-tootie!

So, inspired by stores such as these
 I opened an Elle and Lou store
and last weekend I had my first sale.

That IS exciting no?

Something as good as this is hard to keep to yourself,
so check it out and spread the word.
It can only be good for the planet and that means us!

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