Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Elections and rummage sales

Sat night night was our big state election. 
Now while I am a little non-plussed
 about the result,
 I am grateful!

How lucky am I to be in a country
 where (as a woman)  I have a vote?
I did not have to travel for days to get to the polling booth,
 and my life was not put in danger.

I am grateful that my government did not rig the election
 as is evidenced by it being well
 and truly thrown out of office.

So while I am concerned at the environmental integrity of the newly elected party
(and I hope with all my heart they look after our wild rivers)
I am grateful to live in a democratic system!

There is another wonderful thing about democratic elections....

Where there is a polling booth there is often a super fantabulous rummage sale!!! 
We stumbled upon a beauty at the local church up the road.

Plastic jewellery isn't for everyone,
 but I've never been that enamoured by diamonds.
 I'm in retro love my new plastic orange bangles

These glossy red numbers will cheer up many an outfit!

But thats not all! No sir-ee!

We came home with 4 bags of cheap old, books
and this is my favourite....


for 50 cents!
Thats a lot to be grateful for!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook Page timeline changes: hints, ideas and a review

 Facebook pages
will switch to the new time line format on the 31st March.
Are you prepared for the change?

There are some real positives ( and negatives) about the new format.

This is my profile photo (many people have a snap of themselves)
But now you get to add a cover photo.

What is this?

Well, it is more visual 

All of this....



and even this 

can be put together as a montage to communicate to your 'audience'.

That is pretty handy, you can montage a  theme,
 your products, other staff etc!
YOU  have to do it (no templates provided by FB)

It is quite easy to create a cover photo using photoshop
 (or similar programs) but keep in mind that the image
needs to be at least 399 pixels wide.

I added a little black square to my cover photo to help frame my profile name.

The other major change is the way posts can be highlighted.
This is useful but very basic and limiting. 
I am disappointed that the only choice you really have it to highlight or send to the top.

I guess I need to remember that Facebook is not a blog
 with the templates and the design features which I have come to expect.

 Facebook is what it is...
and it must be doing something right, as it is still a  business "must do"!

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