Friday, January 27, 2012

Retro Cards for retro friends

I have this friend and it was his birthday today.
He looks a bit like this....

No! I'm joking (but I'm sure he does have a neanderthal side)

I been letting my subconscious work on this little bit of retro joy from 
"1,550 Fascinating Facts about the Universe, the World, and its People"
...a big call for a book, but it does have great pictures 
(unlike these photos which were taken last night at 11pm. 
Crap quality... sorry to offend your aesthetics )

Nothing like a bit of knowledge with a birthday card.

The inside says
 "Happy Birthday Man"

But that's not all..
We were also celebrating my other friend's big day at the same time.

I know! 
This is why I was up late.

Looks like a girl with party drinks right?

These images come from a science experiment book
"Cup and Saucer Chemistry"

Nothing left to be said.
Today it was.....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lanyard : Sporting / Corporate or Individual?

I need a lanyard for my work ID and keys.
Now, I could use the one that my employers give me,
 and be like the other 120+ people at work.
Did someone say "baaaaaa"?

Then, my super sporty triathlete mate gave me an old one of his.
Now lets get something straight-

I am not,
 never will be,
 a super sporty person
as such, sporting paraphernalia is not my style.

Now if I follow the advice on this lanyard 
and "listen to my body", then my body is telling me
 that this lanyard isn't going anywhere NEAR my body until it has a major overhaul!

 Another mate gave me a package wrapped in this cute stripy ribbon
and I had the other chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon already.

 So, I sewed and put the two together

Time to cut off the old "listen to your body" lanyard spiel
and attach my retro looking double ribbon in it's place.
Much better!

 The ribbon was slightly wide for some of the connections,
 but  it doesn't affect the look or the function at all.
Obviously, I could have gone out and purchased some new ribbon,
 but that goes against my 'consume less' approach at Elle and Lou.

Now when I put my keys down they won't get mixed up with everyone else's.

They're not sporty,
They're not corporate,
They are mine
they make going back to work after the holidays
that little bit easier.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Up-cycled Lolly Containers - Vintage Papers

2012 plastics enhance vintage papers 
providing a new 'canvas' on which
 to display their bright colours and style.

The recent silly season, with all its parties and food,
 left me with the dilemma of what to do with the remaining plastic packing. 
These brightly coloured plastic lolly tubes were begging to be up cycled.

Hunt and Gather these Materials 
  • Some plastic lolly tubes (these were Skittles but I know there are similar ones around).
  • Mod Podge or PVA.
  • Papers for wrapping around the tube. These could be maps, origami papers, old patterns, anything that excites you! I love these Golden Book Illustrated Dictionary from the 1960's.

Get Creating
  • First, soak the lolly tubes in water for a couple of hours. This 'helps' to get the wrapper off. I say 'helps' because nothing, and I mean NOTHING seems to remove the industrial strength glue off these tubes. But that is Ok because you are going to cover it anyway - lucky!
  • Choose your papers. Smaller patterns or designs work best. 
  • Cut the papers with your slicer or kraft knife. These tubes required 8.5cm (h) x 9.5cm (w) / 3.3 inches (w) x 3.7 inches(h).
  • Brush the Mod Podge to the underside. 
  • Starting at the back, place one edge of paper onto the tube. 
  • Smooth the paper onto the tube getting rid of bubbles and creases as you go. Easy!
  • Brush Mod Podge onto to outside paper to protect it from wear and tear.

This 1970s pattern compliments the glossy orange.
Plastics and Patterns ...groovy man!

Maps and atlas papers.
Just so I remember where I am.

Vintage defininitions
for my  amusement (a-MYOOZ-ment)

The only hard this about these up-cycled lolly tubes?
 Deciding what to put in them.....
buttons, tacs, more lollies, pins.

So many possibilities, so few tubes.
Looks like the silly season may need to continue,
 so I can get my hands on a few more of these plastic packs!

Oh, how we suffer for our art ;)

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Vintage New Year - Enjoy your flight!

Obviously I'm still feeling some Shirley Flight love!
 I finally decided exactly what it was I wanted her to say...
Happy New Year!

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