Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lanyard : Sporting / Corporate or Individual?

I need a lanyard for my work ID and keys.
Now, I could use the one that my employers give me,
 and be like the other 120+ people at work.
Did someone say "baaaaaa"?

Then, my super sporty triathlete mate gave me an old one of his.
Now lets get something straight-

I am not,
 never will be,
 a super sporty person
as such, sporting paraphernalia is not my style.

Now if I follow the advice on this lanyard 
and "listen to my body", then my body is telling me
 that this lanyard isn't going anywhere NEAR my body until it has a major overhaul!

 Another mate gave me a package wrapped in this cute stripy ribbon
and I had the other chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon already.

 So, I sewed and put the two together

Time to cut off the old "listen to your body" lanyard spiel
and attach my retro looking double ribbon in it's place.
Much better!

 The ribbon was slightly wide for some of the connections,
 but  it doesn't affect the look or the function at all.
Obviously, I could have gone out and purchased some new ribbon,
 but that goes against my 'consume less' approach at Elle and Lou.

Now when I put my keys down they won't get mixed up with everyone else's.

They're not sporty,
They're not corporate,
They are mine
they make going back to work after the holidays
that little bit easier.


  1. Looks great and I found some really greet tutorial on your blog :) :)
    loved them, they are so much of an inspiration :)


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