Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Decorations - Book Bunting

Halloween has never been that big in Australia.
Growing up as a kid- it wasn't celebrated here at all.
I can't help thinking that we really missed out on something.

Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day.
All over the world and through history, it has had its various spine-chilling forms.

Essentially I think its popularity comes down to two things:
(1) We love being scared
(2) We love dressing up.
Maybe there is a another reason... 

Over the last few years there has been a slow eerie change!
More and more Australians are joining in the fun,

We are going to the neighbours house,
so I've made them a little gift....

I found this ABC book for 10 cents at the local op shop.

Then cut the triangles.
Sewed on the ribbon.

I used the book cover to make into an envelope. 
Stitched the sides.
Made a tag.

So, what is the other reason Halloween is still so relevant and popular?
I think it reminds us of our mortality.
 It gives us a chance to remember,
 to grieve, to laugh.

Happy Halloween!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Etsy store- on line and operational

Finally, it has come together!

The Elle & Lou Etsy store has opened for business!
It has been a bit of a learning curve and I still have some curves to go.

So, what can you expect to see?

Elle & Lou on Etsy is fashion, decor and art.
Up-cycled, handmade, eco-friendly designs.

Here is a sneak peak of my Hybrids....
They are original art prints which combine vintage images on upcycled papers.

The artworks are limited edition with only a few printed in each run.
Every image is unique, as no two backgrounds are the same.

They can be ordered to suit the individual
- choose a number, choose a map page (if I have it, I'll do it).

More on this another time,  but in the mean time
I'd be as happy as a clam  lobster if you pop over to
Etsy and check out my shop!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I forgot to blog!

Not really-just busy with paid work!
Life has got the better of me and actually I am still  in the processes of changing my blog URL , setting up an Etsy site and all the time-consuming learning that goes with all this.
Won't be too much longer though, promise.

In the meantime, this is a card I made for a friend's 40th.
The image comes from this fabulous book of Oscar moments and the lettering from those kids' pencil-cases that you cut the letters out to spell you name- I really love that green and that dame, Miss Lovelace!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Elle & Lou Welcome and Invitation

Welcome to Elle & Lou,
 my brand new blog designed to support my creative whims, desires, successes and musings.

I invite you to follow along
 as the fun begins in early October, 2011.

In the meantime please check out Uber Savvy Buzzword  which will be linked to this blog.