Thursday, April 19, 2012

Commuting and eco-design: Travel Card Holders

Going Somewhere?
It feels an age since I've hoped on a plane.
At one stage in my life it was a regular thing.

Shirley Flight
(who you might remember from previous posts)
got me researching and introduced me to a whole new era of travel glamour...

...and plain sexism,
 but I DO confess I love the outfit!
For now, however, my hot pants and boots
 are staying in the closet.

Of course I still travel though.
Of course!

To work!

I am a public transport freak!
I actually enjoy catching the bus
 and bypassing all those suckers
 stuck in the daily traffic jam.
I don't listen to music, read a book
 or play with my phone (well maybe sometimes).
I look around- taking in all the sights,
 smells and goings on.

Eventually though, as always,
 my eyes track down to my ugly travel pass.
Being a visual person,
 I need to look at pleasant things not government logos!

So I have been designing and making travel card holders-eco travel card holders.
I have paired micro-fiche sheets with retro papers and created a series of travel passes 

So I may not be stepping onto the tarmac tomorrow
but I do have a little bit of travel glam in my bag!

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