Sunday, August 5, 2012

1960's Fashion Print: Creatives Book Club

Once again my Creative Book Club choice
 is a quick read.

Obviously I am not one to tackle the epic...
it may have something to do with my attention span,
but I think I'd rather put it down
 to the fact that I am a visual person.

And this book is all about the visual.

All the same it does have some short sharp paragraphs
giving a brief history, circa and name of the pattern.
Useful, interesting info.

 I love the 60's!
I spent my teenage years being a try hard mod
-embarrassing yes,
 but not as embarrassing as the 80's fashion of the time.

 Yummy colour galore.

Read it if:
  • If you dig the 6o's
  • Fabrics are your thing
  • If you want some inspiration for pattern or colour
  • You have a spare half hour

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