Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birthday Issues

My birthday is a in a couple of days.
It isn't a significant one -  just one of those in between years.
These are the ones that I like best!

The birthdays that end in zero come with the pressure that you simply MUST celebrate in a befitting manner.
Lots of people, lots of food and drink,
lots of organising, lots and lots and lots of stress!

Its enough to give you birthday issues.

Joan Crawford -Birthday issues

I was a lot like Joan Crawford when I turned 40
 (minus the glamour unfortunately).
 I'm over the trauma drama now of course,
really... I AM!

Joan is part of my new range of cards entitled 
"Birthday Issues". I've been really enjoying making these cards in the lead up to the BiDM markets in July. I have a little chuckle as I collect the melodramatic images.
Hopefully the recipients will see the humour in the drama too.

What about you?
Ever had a Joan moment?

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  1. haha! great card :) I think the worst years are the 'impending doom' ones.. you know, 39, 49, 59 ....etc. Hope you have a lovely birthday this week :) Kx


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