Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vintage and Future Cars

Do you know about Cars?
Of course not!
Some people have love affairs
 with their 4 wheeled polluters.

 Not me- I really couldn't give a clutch.

Last weekend, however, we went to the Lifeline Bookfest and this little 1963 book caused my differential assembly to spin round altogether.

Fiat Bambino
I try not have regrets,
 but in my 20s I passed up  the opportunity
 to buy a little red Fiat Bambino.


I never got to put a scarf around my head and pretend I was  in driving to a cocktail party in Italy (sigh)

Oh and look at that Combie
(this page is destined to become a travel wallet)

So if I slam into reverse,
maybe I should reevaluate and admit 
I love the whole design element of automobiles.
Also, they do get me from A to B (albeit at a crawl in Brissy)

Hope to catch you soon in the anti-gravity design blazing down Coronation Drive.

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