Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Communication in the Office - a true gift

Work dynamics are interesting to watch.
This probably explains the reason why "The Office"
 has enjoyed so much success all over the world.

I am so incredibly lucky to work with the best people.
Our office is casual, and happy, 
a place where you can speak your mind without fear of offending others
 or stepping on toes.

We laugh constantly and
I must say if you have a thing for political correctness....
it is probably best that you are not a regular visitor.

Maybe it is because there are are only 5 of us.

Maybe it is because we support each other,
and come to work with a positive attitude and are prepared to laugh at ourselves.

 I guess to some degree we are like minded-we are all about visual art.

In any case, 
when we began the term, I decided chocolate was in order!

So, I found a 1970's book,
sprouting outdated ideas about what an office involved
and how we 'communicated'.

I mod-podged the images onto the canister of chocolate
and placed it on our staff- kitchen table.

Like a good family,
I think work mates can come together around food.

What does your work place look like?

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