Sunday, February 5, 2012

Children's Gift Tags: Retro and laminate up-cycling

The new school year is only a few weeks old here in Australia.
Already, the weekends are filling up with class parties for my children's friends.

Presents to buy.
Presents to  wrap.
Presents to decorate.
Presents that need gift tags!

Lets face it- kids aren't really interested in cards.
They are usually just tossed to one side.
But a gift tag on the other hand....

A child will turn over a tag over, searching for THEIR name on it.

They love bright colours.

And these retro images will still captivate this new generation.

This new generation will also reap other benefits,
 because these gift tags are up-cycledeco-friendly!

They began their life as laminate sample discards-destined for landfill.

That is until I got my scissors and hole punch to them.

With paper on the back to write a short message on and a ribbon, they begin to take shape.

Naturally, the sweet images are also up-cycled from an old kids book.

I am officially gift tag ready!


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