Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cursory Observations

I wonder how many people have walked past this ....

its Quebec...
 but I'm not talking about the place, I'm talking about the book
"Cursory Observations made in Quebec, 1811"
As the title suggests it was written in 1811.
This copy is from 1960.

"Where are you from then?
exclaimed ten or twelve voices at once;-
From the clouds, gentlemen:-
By what conveyance?-
A balloon, gentlemen; which, if you had taken notice, landed me amongst the Hogs, and re-ascended most majestically;-
You stare, gentlemen; but it's very true."

The pages are a beautiful golden colour.
It has a wonderful smell that reminds me of a university library.

For $2 at Lifeline, it is a sensory bargain!

I hope I don't offend anyone here, but, I intend to use it for drawing and printing on-
so it lives on and can be shared and appreciated (hopefully) by many.
It is damaged in places so I don't feel too guilty about repurposing it.

The terrible photo below (sorry about that)
gives you an insight into where
Cursory Observations and I are headed...

"And now I take leave of my Readers;
informing them truly, that altho' I hope they are not fatigued
 or disgusted by the perusal of this little tract; 
yet they may rest assured I am perfectly happy it is finished."


  1. It looks like a great book for giving a new life to. I found an old copy of Lorna Doone the other day and have been using it for drawing and printing on. (which caused some of the "older" ladies at my art group to raise eyebrows!) Which reminds me I must put up a post on the prints!

  2. Thanks for the follow during the blog hop! Following you back :-)


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