Monday, November 21, 2011

Retro Cards for retro friends

I have this friend and it was his birthday today.
He looks a bit like this....

No! I'm joking (but I'm sure he does have a neanderthal side)

I been letting my subconscious work on this little bit of retro joy from 
"1,550 Fascinating Facts about the Universe, the World, and its People"
...a big call for a book, but it does have great pictures 
(unlike these photos which were taken last night at 11pm. 
Crap quality... sorry to offend your aesthetics )

Nothing like a bit of knowledge with a birthday card.

The inside says
 "Happy Birthday Man"

But that's not all..
We were also celebrating my other friend's big day at the same time.

I know! 
This is why I was up late.

Looks like a girl with party drinks right?

These images come from a science experiment book
"Cup and Saucer Chemistry"

Nothing left to be said.
Today it was.....

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