Sunday, March 6, 2011

Button Brooches, Hair Accessory or Crafty Corsage

Swift and colourful, these brooches are also easy to make!

Allison Harris at came up with the original idea, inspiring me to make some of my own. They would make great pressies for my girlfriends or mum. You just need to know their favourite colours and select fabrics accordingly.

So get together your left over fabrics, organise your layers and select a button. 
Now sew your first layer to some felt for strength. Then sew a "x" through the centre of the stack of circles for support and finally add a button and a brooch pin. 

The pink ones are for my little one and I sewed a hair tie to the back of one which can be worn on the wrist like a corsage. Or course you could also stitch one to a headband also. 

Here is the pattern, just in case you don't have a compass. Enjoy!

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