Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Love Lace Exhibition Review: Powerhouse Sydney

It is the museum aspect of the Powerhouse 
that makes it an attractive destination
 for children and parents alike.
Certainly, the robots, tram rolls
 and eco displays are interesting.

It is the artwork that I found exciting in a recent visit.
The current exhibit is
 Love Lace
(Make Lace not War)

Simply put: It is a sensational investigation
 into the world of positive and negative.

When I first entered the exhibition space there
was an elderly lady tatting away in the traditional way.
You could be fooled at this stage
 that the curator, Lindie Ward, 
had designed a predictable lace display.
Love Lace is anything but.

Optical fibres create this Lace Jellyfish

The definition of lace for this exhibition is rather open to include any ‘openwork structure whose pattern of spaces is as important as the solid areas’.

Jenny Pollak installation
Love Lace is a playful exploration by
 artists and students alike 
and includes a competition also, 
The Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award.
The use of new technology and a mind boggling variety of materials ensures that there is something to inspire
youth and the elderly (and all us in-betweeners)
while strategically placed lighting
brings to life beautiful shadow play.

Chain wire fencing

As an art educator, 
I regularly try to impress upon the students
 the equal importance of positive and negative.
I can't recall an exhibition that asserts this concept
 with more clarity.

Traditional notions of lace are relegated to fibre and textile work, a deeply entrenched female domain. 
Through the materials and artists' approach to the theme,
these boundaries and definitions no longer exist.

My only disappointment is that Sydney is a bit too far to take my students for an excursion.
However, the website is a plentiful source of educational resources for art teachers and class teachers alike.

For educational links click here

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