Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art bangles: A class project for Primary Students

Now it may just be me..
but in my experience,
 the male gender aren't crash hot
 when it comes to buying presents for others.

This week I have been talking
 with quite a few mums
 about what goes on in their home for Mother's day.

Overwhelmingly, this is what happens:
It seems we mums buy our own presents,
subtly side passing them to our partners 
who in turn pass them on to the kids.

This has its benefits-we get what we want!
I know, because I'm getting a funky pair of knee high boots  (Oh! what a surprise!)

But really we mums have don't care about the present,
 it is the thought that counts.
 We are SO cliche sometimes!

Now I teach in a boys' college and I feel I am obliged to TRY and educate the young ones to think about others, especially their mums who do so much for them.

I admit,
 I also wanted to teach them about up-cycling,
artworks from a variety or historical and cultural contexts,
moulding materials and presentation.

So, we embarked on 62 bangles!
This how we did it...

  •   We began by soaking extra large paddle pop sticks in water for 24 hours.
  • Then carefully, we bent the pop sticks into a curve and put them in a small glass to dry for 24 hours. Some broke or splintered, but we had extras.

  • Next, the boys looked through old Art books and journals that were destined for the recycle bin. As they looked at the artworks spontaneous conversations, questions and analysis evolved. They chose an artwork that would become the feature of the gift tag and bangle.

  • A flat paddle pop stick was used as a template. Placing it onto the chosen artwork, they traced around the shape, cut out the art image and Mod Podged it onto the bangle. They sealed the outside of the bangle with Mod Podge also. 

  • To make the gift tag the boys used a circle punch to select a matching image. This was then glued on blue industrial offcuts. 
  • They punched white paper for the reverse side, glued it and wrote a sweet message for their mum.
  • Then the boys punched a small hole and inserted the string. 

  •  Finally the boys wrapped the bangle, inserting the information note below.

I know the boys' mothers will appreciate the care their sons have taken in creating this gift for them and the boys were very proud of what they achieved.

Incidentally, this activity also gave the boys practice with their fine motor skills such as cutting, tracing and accuracy. Never underestimate how many primary students struggle with these simple tasks!

Anyhoot- Happy Mothers Day!

Post Note: my children made me some gorgeous Mother's  Day cards, as did my wonderful husband AND my knee high boots are a perfect fit...who would have thunk it ;)

Also, the original pop bangle idea is not mine it came from the creative  Tara at Craft Affection.

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  1. Wow! what a great teacher you are! I bet there were some pretty happy and amazed mothers out there this morning!
    My littlest at least said "sorry mum i haven't made you anything", (she later picked me a lovely posy of flowers) the oldest said "why is it just a day for you, what about a day for me" !!!
    What a coincidence a lovely pair of knee high boots arrived in the post for me yesterday too (thanks to trade me!)

    1. Sounds like you have a tweenager? Thanks for leaving a comment, it made me laugh. I really love your blog too I must say, the photos you take a beautiful- I've put it on my "Top Blogs" Enjoy the boots and Happy Mother's day!

  2. These look great, Lynda! Love the eco-friendly concept of these, and they look super too. :)

  3. Definitely going to try this soon with my niece! Thanks for this post. :)

  4. These turned out great and were an upcycle to boot. Brilliant.

  5. What a great project, they look terriffic! Thanks so much for sharing this at Pin It and Win It Wednesday! Hope you will join us again tomorrow evening!

  6. what a creative way to make bangles ! Totally original


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