Friday, July 29, 2011

Duality in Art and Life : city vs forest

I love the city.
I love the architecture.
 Its just BIG functional art.
 When I catch the bus to work, I travel past all the city's eclectic mix of structures...

I love maps.
I love their aesthetic quality. 
They remind me that we are like little ants going down many different pathways.

I love the forest.
I love the multitudes of trees, with branches that overlap and intertwine...

and roots that become part of the earth.

I love to be.
I love to be in these places,
 that are so different, and yet so connected.

So I've been working on a diptych of dichotomy.
 The dual of people vs planet.
What are side are we barracking for I wonder?

The forest or...
the city.

It is International Year of the Forest - lets take care of them
.... invest in them and we invest in us!


  1. I love your art! To me, it is modern, cubist, and abstract all rolled into one.

    Thank you sooooo much for being my 100th follower! I am so happy that you enjoyed my blog enough to subscribe. :)

    Keep an eye out for my giveaway post...I should have it up by either tomorrow or Monday.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Just Drink a Coke. I am actually thinking about framing them. I just have to wait until I can find 26 cheap frames...ahhhh! I'm thinking Dollar Store and spraying them black. What do you think, you're the artist? BTW, your art is very cool. I recently framed a piece my boys did. You'll have to check it out. Are they budding artists? Seriously, you're my go-to artist from now on ;-)



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