Thursday, May 19, 2011

Collage art for primary children: Art meets Science

Combine recycling, paper collage and kids together...
throw in some imagination, just sparks of ideas... add a bit of science theory, storytelling and this is what 9 & 10 years olds do...

Apis parvusoptera: recycled lap-band boxes & paper

We are given boxes, which are designed to hold lap bands, from an eco-conscious parent who works in the medical world. So I decided to put them to use because they have this lovely bubble of plastic that helps create a magnifying glass illusion. 

In a nutshell this is what we did:
(1)    Collaged some bees wings and bodies onto a photocopy of a bee. 
Here is a link to my dragonfly project which followed a similar beginning

(2)    I spent some time explaining scientific names; how they are achieved, latin roots and common suffixes. This is a good link to the basics- the kids wrote their own scientific name for their bee which was printed along with their original story about their bee. 
(3)  I printed the story and scientific name onto paper and a plastic OHT- they could use either or both.
(4)  Collage away! 

Of course we looked at the visual genre of museum display, but this was only a starting point for their choices. 

They look great displayed collaboratively but up close they are so unique!

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