Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Here's cheers to 2013 -cherishing this time

Welcome to the New Year!
(even though we are already 8 days into it)

In Australia it is school holidays .
We have been catching up with many family and friends with afternoon barbies and long lunches.

To not be concerned with time and dates
 is indeed a rare treat and to be cherished.

My studio has been neglected,
my sewing machine abandoned,
my creative life paused.

This afternoon, 
I ventured into my studio and
 opened a shoebox.
 I found some bunting I began roughly six months ago.
I think I have forgotten how to stick to a task,
or perhaps I never quite got the hang of it.

 Today I made another 4 triangles
 and so I am a step closer to the end
of this project.

I will finish this bunting before my holidays end,
 but I intend to cherish my
freedom from the clock for as long as possible.

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