Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Indie Designers Market- D-day

Last Saturday the skies cleared in Brissie,
 just in time for the
BrisStyle Indie Designer Markets.

I have never been part of any market before so I decided it was about time I took the plunge with my vintage eco-wares.

When I went through uni I supported myself by working in retail and the hours dragged...boy did they drag.
But having my own stall did not feel like retail at all.

I enjoyed meeting the customers and seeing old friends who made the special effort to support my stall and meeting the other stall holders of course. 
I am so inspired by their creativity, quality and processes.
As an art teacher I am intrigued to find out how resin or laser cutting or spinning is done!

Little Chrissy

Kate from Mixed Bag of Threads

I may not be buying that cottage in the Bunya mountains yet (or any time soon actually) but I feel like I am learning all the time and to me that is more valuable than money!


  1. How fabulous! I'm glad it all went well. We couldn't make it unfortunately :( but looking forward to the next one. Are you going to have a stall at the next King George Square one? Hopefully I'll get to see you there :) Kx

    1. It was great Kylie. I won't be doing the Twilight Markets at this stage (work and family commitments) but I am hoping to do the Eco Markets at St Augustines again in early November. It would be great to meet you!


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