Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Cards and Movie Moments

Yes, here I am
 days later and still working on my 'Birthday Issues'
My actual birthday came and went I am proud to say without a tear nor tantie.

 The same cannot be said for these
 beauties of the silver screen:

Bette Davies
 (...we love you- I always think of the Madonna song Vogue)
Audrey and Katherine Hepburn
and Catherine Deneuve.

Oh Katherine is it oh so bad?

Here's hoping that someone out there shares my slightly distorted sense of birthday humour, either that or my girlfriends are getting these cards for quite some time.

On the flip side..
Hope you are having a Doris Day!


  1. They are great, but I have to say that Doris Day card is INSPIRED! :) Kx

  2. It doesn't get any cheesier than Doris-I love her... and so does my dad..(which is a bit weird I 've got to say)
    Thanks by the way!

  3. 'Have a Doris Day' it...
    Birthday issues, yep I have them, I have to admit.
    Nothing major thank goodness!!

    I'm sure there are plenty of people who will share your sense of humour.

    Claire :}


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