Thursday, July 7, 2011

Atlas Journaling: drawing hints from an eco artist

Sometimes a white blank canvas is so stark it almost stifles creativity and mark-making.
So I've binned the whole pristine visual journal concept and have replaced it with....the humble atlas.

Mine is the Road Atlas of Australia 7th Edition. It is circa 1980's -the kind of atlas I had at primary school. It was such an unloved book that it was in the "Free, please take" bin at a Rotary book sale (sniff).

These sketches are just observations with a sharpie and pencils. The lines of the roads in the background provide great distraction, omitting the need for perfection. The maps provide an additional layer of interpretation. 

I would try this style of drawing journal with a written book too, as text works wonderfully with illustration e.g my previous dragonfly work.

Dragonfly Project Link
A great benefit of atlas journaling is that any drawing can simply be torn out and framed. The other benefit is that you are recycling....yeah eco-art materials!

Incidentally, the works are from our recent holiday in the Bunya Mountains, a rainforest smack bang in the middle of country Queensland- who would have thought?


  1. Great map art! Thanks for visiting me & for the sweet note. I agree, everyone should have a birthday month!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  2. love your map art - I love maps -and this is a great idea to make maps art. Tone

  3. This is such a cool idea! I'm not an artist, at ALL, but my daughter is. I'm going to show this to her, I'm sure she will love the idea.

  4. These are just fabulous! I've just been looking through your blog and quite frankly everything here is just so fantastic and inspiring. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Lynda - I'm so glad to have found yours :) Kx

  5. I love what you have done with the maps. Your sketches are fabulous. I need to try something like this with my leftover maps! And that dragonfly is wonderful too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm so happy you did so I could find yours! Your blog is wonderful!

  6. Wonderful what you've done with the map pages


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